Define: Simply Substantial

Hey friends, I’m back! SURPRISE!

I have great plans for Simply Substantial, and I already have so many posts mapped out that I’m excited to share with you.

To provide some background to my blog:

I originally started Simply Substantial three and a half years ago as a gluten-free blog, but after one failed attempt at baking cookies that most definitely needed more time in the oven, I quickly shifted focus. A few months later, it became my travel blog while I studied abroad in Canterbury, England for my spring semester in 2014. I really enjoyed chronicling my experiences overseas, but once I returned home, my life didn’t seem quite as exciting, so I eventually abandoned my blog.

Three and a half years later, I find myself revisiting Simply Substantial because I finally feel compelled to write. I’ve graduated college, lived in Germany for a summer to intern at the United Nations, moved to Washington D.C. to start my first post-grad job, only to switch jobs several months later. I’ve spent two weeks in Thailand with the most amazing co-workers, I’ve snapped the photo of my friend’s proposal in front of the White House and I’ve met some amazing friends here that share my same enthusiasm for life.

Last November, I made a decision to completely change the way I live my life. “Oh my god, Gillian, that’s so dramatic.” I get it — it sounds radical, but finding ways to improve your life shouldn’t be radical. It isn’t radical.

I am now a personal development nerd to the extreme. I read books. I listen to podcasts. I watch YouTube videos. I talk to my friends about karma and the law of attraction.

I’m constantly “hacking” my systems for living (I’ll get into that in another post – but sounds intriguing, right?). My experience with personal development has already been so profound that I can only imagine how beneficial it might be to you — which brings me back to this blog.

Back when I settled on “Simply Substantial” as the title for my blog, I thought it conveyed what I wanted my new gluten-free diet to be – simple, but substantial.

But, I also feel like “Simply Substantial” works with my new personal development lens. Frankly, life gets simple when you learn to live substantially.

I’m so excited to nerd out on you. My hope is that you can nerd out with me.


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