The morning text you deserve.

Hey, friends!

I want to make sure you all know about my favorite new thing — Shine Text! It’s a FREE service that sends you daily affirmations and intentions as a text message every morning, Monday through Friday. Once you sign up, you’ll let Shine know what you’re trying to work on, whether it be your confidence or being present, and then you’ll be set!



I love mornings. I am the most morning-y person of morning people, and these texts just set me up for the day. (Also, before anyone from my family comments on this calling me out, I acknowledge the fact this has not always been the case).

In addition to the text, there’s also a “discuss” tab where you can leave a note to other Shiners that relates to the message for that day, or you can read entries that others have submitted.

I mean, don’t we all want to be like Jessica, proclaiming our love for life into our bathroom mirror?

Yep, thought so.

I actually challenge you to do this for a week and let me know how it goes. After you wake up and are waiting for the water to boil before you make your tea or coffee (you know, if you’re still old school like me and don’t own an espresso machine or K-Cup thingy), look into the mirror and just shout all the affirmations. Maybe you’ll feel a bit ridiculous, and maybe it’ll feel weird at first, but keep doing it until it doesn’t feel weird — because it shouldn’t feel weird. Loving things in life shouldn’t feel weird.

So have some morning motivation with your cup of coffee, and sign up for Shine Text. (Plus, you’re eligible for some FREE swag if you start referring your friends — and who doesn’t like some free swag).


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